Testing In Progress


God is GOOD!
Testing In Progress
By: Maxine M.

Jack was nervous as today was the big test; how well was he expected to do?
Would he know the RIGHT answers? He started to doubt everything he knew
“Guesses” were not a good idea, answers need to be absolutely true

Last night he had been awake considering answers to the problems life can produce
Like, how can two warring nations come to comply with a neutral truce
Or, those problems he has at work, how could he, one by one, possibly reduce

A coworker has an unplanned pregnancy, what advice should he bestow?
Others have said ABORTION is the way to go, but EVERY life has a right to survive and grow
Adoption gives that baby a chance…a happy productive life would, to the world, show

To that alarming health issue, what can the answer eventually be?
The worry of where will it lead takes a mental toll to a great degree
Loved ones TRY to understand, but often they simply don’t truly see

So many try to find the answer…relief from life’s pain
In drugs, the numbing of their mind, but the problems always remain
All they accomplish is destruction of reason, self-esteem, courage, normal functions of the brain

Ending their life seems to be an answer when all HOPE is gone, or as it would appear
Satan is elated since it’s his delight to, with God’s plan, interfere
But the correct answer is when the test gets tougher, KEEP the Lord NEAR

The answer for many is violence, but it NEVER ever makes things right
Guns, knives or fists are not the way to cure “frustrations”…only more hatred invite
As the Creator LOVES ALL Souls…red, yellow, black or white

When a suitable answer is found, another problem will quickly come to bring a new tear
Our children are being left behind in the jumble of confusing voices they hear
Parents and grandparents need to stand up and make TRUTH perfectly clear!!

In today’s world, the question remains, Get vaccinated or wear a mask…or two
Just stay quiet of “cancel culture” or voice your political view
You have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything…an old saying that’s true

Now God Himself declared that life will be full of TESTS in which we all must undergo
They all have a PURPOSE, establish our need for Him here below
The stress, strain, and pressure brings us to our knees and we Spiritually grow

So what will happen tomorrow, because in this life there’s no guarantee
The question is: Are YOU prepared, ready to meet Him on bended knee?
God’s answer is: BELIEVE on the Lord Jesus Christ and the Salvation He provided on Calvary’s tree

He even gave us an “Answer Book” …Holy & TRUE in everything It has to say
Showing us HOW and for WHAT we should desperately pray
Giving us His Commandments, TESTING to see if we are willing to obey

In accepting Jesus’s death & Resurrection, you can survive that long dark night
By putting everything in the Savior’s hands, tomorrow can still be bright
Trusting HIS WILL is best; Faith that He will be there in our daily fight

Providing Hope and encouragement in those tough times…everything we need
From those burdens of fear, uncertainty and doubt be freed
When He calls you, FOLLOW!!, to a whole new life it will lead

The chaos of this world won’t make you fall when, in His love, you abound
So how about you? Do you realize where your answers can be found?
Have you given the Lord Jesus Christ your heart, mind and Soul…ask for His Grace to surround?

So Jack said a quick prayer as the professor passed out the test
Asking for God’s help with the answers that must be addressed
Knowing that his future, by his passing, would be blessed