Ten plagues hitting planet simultaenously!

Rocky Rivera

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It's funny that this secular website has chosen to name all these occurences as "plagues", and for them to be ten in number is no coincidence.
If this report is to be believed, and as the world-at-large scrambles for answers, we can rejoice that we have The Answer for the secrets of the LORD is with those who fear Him.
Yes, it's just the usual birth pangs, but I think the contractions have begun -- a dress rehearsal for either the next round of contractions or a prelude to the Rapture.
Brethren, what should we do? If this is to be taken as any kind of sign, it's that our window of opportunity to earn eternal rewards has just gotten smaller.
Each day we are here in the Shadowlands is a gift to earn more rewards we can enjoy thirty-trillion years from now and beyond. Never let a good crisis go to waste.
If there was ever a time in the Age of Grace where we are given tremendous opportunity to witness and be heard, it is now.