Temple Mount clashes endanger Bennett coalition


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Temple Mount clashes endanger Bennett coalition
Ra’am’s Shura Council to decide the government's fate as Knesset reconvenes.
Published: MAY 5, 2022

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s governing coalition faced new obstacles on Thursday over clashes between police and Palestinians on the Temple Mount that angered the Ra’am (United Arab List) Party. Two policemen were hurt and 21 Palestinian rioters were arrested, as Jews returned to the Mount following the Muslim Eid al-Fitr holiday after it was closed to them for two weeks. An estimated 1,000 Jews ascended the Mount on Thursday.

The last time there were clashes on the holy site, Ra’am froze its membership in the coalition and warned that the party would take more drastic steps if the police returned to al-Aqsa Mosque. Now, members of the party’s governing Shura Council want to leave permanently ahead of the spring session of the Knesset that starts on Monday.

“What happened at al-Aqsa this morning is a slap in the face to Ra’am,” Shura Council member Masud Ghnaim, who has been an MK for a decade, told the Arabic Nas Radio. “The time has come to shift from freezing to leaving this coalition that does not respect us. It has become a unilateral relationship and we cannot let it continue this way. We will leave the coalition and come back to the embrace of our people.”

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Well what can you expect from a coalition government that relies on a few Arab MK's to keep going. The Arabs are in the driver's seat on this, they hold the winning cards which is a threat to back out of the coalition and throw the country into chaos with elections.

Because Bennett put his desire to be the leader of Israel ahead of his ethical duty to look after the people who elected him, Israel is in a weakened mess blackmailed by the Arabs who belong to the Muslim Brotherhood for the most part, and who are dedicated to the destruction of Israel.


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The high profile MK Ayelet Shaked is one to watch. Right now she is staying but for how long. They lost 2 MKs -Idit Silman who was also a member of the right wing religious conservative Yamina party that Bennet and Shaked belong to. AND Amichai Chikli who ALSO belonged to Yamina, and also defected.

Bennett's right wing, religious conservative MK's from Yamina are leaving this coalition and now they can't hold a majority if a vote is called. For now Ayelet remains, but for how long. I saw this bit of news recently in which she is said to to have told her office staff to get moving to complete what they can because it seemed like the govt has about a month left. Ayelet may know something or she may be giving an educated guess, but either way, Israel may be in elections again very soon.

This headline came out April 30 https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/326691

which says: "Shaked instructs: Work under assumption gov't will collapse

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked (Yamina) recently gathered her office's employees and other sources in the political system and instructed them to prepare to "clean their desks."

According to the Ulpan Shishi report, Shaked estimated that the current government has very little time left, and requested the employees complete the central reforms which she had pushed in connection with nursing employees, splitting apartments, and licensing businesses.

Sources who spoke with Shaked received the impression that she believes the government has about a month left - no less, and no more.

Her office claimed that there is no wishful thinking, but rather an intelligent estimate, and that Shaked is simply preparing for every possible scenario.

It's not looking good for Bennett and Lapid's coalition and their agreement to take turns being Prime Minister with Bennett going first.