Teacher Wants Students to Pledge Allegiance to “LGBTQ” Flag

Ghoti Ichthus

Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
If I had children, they'd be homeschooled or in a carefully selected and monitored Christian school. I've thought this for decades

I'm thankful I don't have any :smile

The Bible has been the primary textbook in many households for generations :smile

I wish I knew "way back when" what I know now. It took a long time for me to figure out why I had such a tough time in the geology and physics courses at an extremely liberal, secular university [sigh] The Henry Morris Study Bible or having completed even the most basic ICR course (neither available back then) would have saved me a lot of grief. It's extremely important to make sure kids understand the why as much as the what and can defend it using either/both religious and academic resources :tappingfoot

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I would have been suspended from school just like I was during the Iranian Hostage Crisis during the Carter regime.

My English teacher was a blast, she talked about everything except English during class and at the end of class she’d give our daily lesson as homework.

One particular day in class, during the Iranian hostage crisis, she asked the boys of the class, How many of you would volunteer to go fight Iran if the US declared war on Iran?

I quickly raised my hand. I looked around the class at the twenty other boys in the class and realized I was the only one that had raised my hand and I’m thinking this was 1980?

I was shocked, I do believe the teacher was shocked too. I lost it, I stood up and in no uncertain terms told every single boy in that class, they were nothing but a bunch of _____ cowards.

I gave them a quick ten minute history lesson on Communism, Islam, etc. The teacher stood up and applauded me and thanked me. Then told me to go to the dean’s office and she would send the Referral letter behind me. She told me she agreed with me 100% but would not condone my use of foul language.

The dean whom unfortunately happened to know me by my first name, asked me what I was in his office for today? I sat back and threw my feet up on his desk and said, I guess I’m going to take a few days off.

After he read the referral, he asked me why I didn’t just quit and enlist. I said, I enjoy spending time in your office too much. I did enlist the next year,

I wasn’t PC in high school and I’m not PC now.