TB Rays players refuse to wear rainbow patch


Hated and laughed at by the world but loved by God
This was on a major news site:
Several players on the Tampa Bay Rays did not wear LGBTQ logos on their uniforms for the team's Pride Night celebration during Saturday's game against the Chicago White Sox.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, at least five Rays baseball players -- pitchers Jason Adam, Jalen Beeks, Brooks Raley, Jeffrey Springs and Ryan Thompson -- declined to wear the uniforms which featured rainbow logos on the caps and jerseys. … it was a “Faith based decision and not judgmental.”

I’m sure those of you here can understand why they did it… I think these players may be Christians? Unfortunately they’re getting a bad rap from the unsaved world. Personally I applaud them. If I had to wear a shirt with a rainbow logo on it at my job, I don’t know what I would do. I would probably have to wear it or face being terminated, disciplined, etc. this is all part of the LGBTQs agenda to push their lifestyle as acceptable and “natural.“. Supporters will say you’re entitled to your opinion, but then rant and rave about how people like these guys refuse to wear something that is against their religious beliefs. if that’s not forcing an agenda down our throats I don’t know what is.


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It is so nice to see people who take a stand for God against the rainbow the gay agenda is promoting. They are distorting the rainbow that God gave. It all a matter of whose side are we on :lightbulb Gods or darkness :diablo.