Tattoo question


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The one I am going to get on my forearm needs a bit of work. Should it say:

Ambassador for Christ, Ambassador for Jesus or Ambassador for God?

Or, should it read Ambassador OF God, Jesus or Christ? I'm not sure which is grammatically correct!


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I'd go with Ambassador for Christ.

If I were gonna get a tat, I might consider "Via Veritas Vita" (Way, Truth and Life). Might work it into a ichthys or cross, with the verse ref.

Also liked the story of Arthur Stace, who went around at night leaving his script "Eternity" in Sydney, Australia. Just one simple, haunting word, but you make people think.


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You won't offend anyone if you use God in there, but by using "Jesus Christ" this makes a statement on many levels that all will understand .............. though I have a number of tatts from skulls, snakes and dragons to newer Crosses and an ichthys, but these days I am not too keen on agreeing with there use (but that is my feelings now)

Misty S

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I have a tattoo on my wrist that has a generic meaning. I have seriously considered removal. Eric has two that cover his injuries on his back from fighting for people he now despises. They are skulls that are crying.