Talking to Dr. Z,


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When I was still working I worked in a large medical research facility, sort of. I worked there for ages.
Towards the end of my tenure many people knew that I was a Christian, and the sort of Christian
who prays for the healing of others. Some thought that people who were into healings were
mad, or very difficult to understand. They were wrong about the mad part, but probably right about
the difficult to understand part.

But there were other religious people that they generally had an even lower opinion of. Jewish people
who were "orthodox". They were very different, and ultra-strict. Once we had an informal religious discussion at work
where we were all quite frank. The Jewish people told us Christians about orthodox Jews, and how very
strict, and radical they were. They laughed at the orthodox. They could understand us better than they.

One day a new employee came to work with us, and she was very much an orthodox person. I quickly heard from her
that she was orthodox, and I said something to her. I liked it that the orthodox still had a very strong faith in God
in a time when faith in God was not so common. I knew that they must also have a faith in Jesus
Christ, of course, but I expected that would follow as the time of the end approached. Was I correct to think that?

After this we had a respect for each other's view point, and some times we talked about faith. One time I
remember we talked about raising children and she asked about some behavior that she thought we
should stand against. It was true what she said, but it was to me rather something not as important
as many other issues. So I told her that in raising children we had to "save our ammunition for the most
important targets". She told me that I was very wise. Last I heard she was living in Israel. After the rapture
do not the Jewish believers stand almost alone for God? We must all stand for God, and for Christ. Amen.

I hope that Dr. Z, and other orthodox believers come to the Lord Jesus, and salvation.