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Tall Timbers

Imperfect but forgiven
How could you give it 3 outa 5:tappingfoot I at least give it a solid 8. Now the bend it like Beckham is a guitarist joke I didn't think they made a movie out of it haha okay try almost paradise you'd like that one I think it's on Hulu and Amazon really good cop series

On a 10 scale, I'd give the movie a 5, which is higher than it received in average ratings. The story line was good, but the directing left a little bit to be desired, and the abilities attributed to the main character seemed a lot more than he produced when in the fighting/shooting scenes.


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My absolute favorite movies and/or series are:

Pride & Prejudice
Sense & Sensibility
Cranford series
Wives & Daughters
Dr. Thorne

And we watch these all the time. ALL the time. And never get tired of them! :p