Taliban whip 12 people in front of Afghan stadium audience


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Taliban whip 12 people in front of Afghan stadium audience
Three women and nine men lashed in front of hundreds of onlookers as Taliban returns to harsh corporal punishment.
Israel National News
Nov 23, 2022

The Taliban whipped 12 people at a provincial sports stadium south of Kabul as the audience watched on Wednesday. The violent display was the first of its kind since the extremist group took over Afghanistan after the US withdrawal in August 2021, the Associated Press reported. Similar bloody spectacles were commonplace when the Taliban ruled the country in the 1990s, and are carried out according to the group’s strict interpretation of Sharia law. The victims were reported to be nine men and three women who were beaten as hundreds of onlookers watched.

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Shades of Saudis public beheadings - I actually seen a beheading in 1990 talk about swift justice - man was convicted of murder - trial was on a Thursday sentencing was on Monday - executed on the following Thursday

I think that's justice for the crime, swift justice. I've been in the area in Riyadh when they were meting out justice... probably chopping off right hands, which I guess is pretty common. I didn't like being there but we were ordering sandwiches from a stand near the square where they do that stuff.