Taliban order their fighters to leave Afghan homes they seized


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Taliban order their fighters to leave Afghan homes they seized
Islamist insurgents fire shots in the air to break up small rally held by women in Kabul calling for equal access to education
30 September 2021

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — The Taliban on Thursday ordered their fighters to leave private homes that they had taken over during last month’s blitz when the group seized control of Afghanistan, an apparent effort to impose order among Taliban ranks. Meanwhile, in the capital of Kabul, the Taliban fired shots to disperse a women’s rally demanding equal rights, while the regional chief for the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC) warned that Afghanistan was sliding into a deep “major humanitarian crisis” with the coming winter and severe financial shortfalls.

The order by Taliban Prime Minister Hasan Akhund followed recent public statements by Taliban officials hinting at plans to improve organization and marshal fighters. It said that Taliban members belonging to the militant group’s defense, interior and intelligence agencies who are living in private homes need to “report back to military bases” across the country.

In recent weeks, the Taliban abandoned their traditional, civilian dress and donned military fatigues to project an air of authority. Bilal Karimi, a Taliban security official, confirmed the directive to The Associated Press. The Afghan army abandoned most of its positions or surrendered to the Taliban during the August blitz, allowing Taliban fighters to take over military bases as well.

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