Taliban kill Afghan gov spokesman, capture provincial capital


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Taliban kill Afghan gov spokesman, capture provincial capital
Capture of Zarani, capital city of Nimroz province, seen as major blow to Afghanistan's government.
Dan Verbin , Aug 06 , 2021

The Taliban took over a provincial capital in Afghanistan and also assassinated a top government media officer on Friday, reported Reuters. Zarani, the capital of the southern Nimroz province, was lost to the Taliban reportedly over a lack of adequate military backing by government forces. A large number of districts and border crossings have been captured by Taliban insurgents this year, as American and foreign troops complete a withdrawal. Provincial capitals have been some of the hardest hit in the changeover. Zarani was the first provincial capital to be captured by the Taliban since a February 2020 deal reached between the United States and the Islamist group announcing the US military withdrawal from the country. A source told Reuters that the Taliban had overtaken the governor’s office, the police building and an area near the border with Iran.

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I've got no first hand understanding of Afghanistan, but I wonder, if Afghani's understood what was coming when foreign forces departed, would they have worked harder to ensure there was no Taliban to take over the country? All these years, knowing that the Taliban was still there, I fully expected them to take over all of Afghanistan once we left. It should be no surprise.