Taliban claims: 'We will conquer Iran soon' amid water dispute


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Taliban claims: 'We will conquer Iran soon' amid water dispute
Tensions have risen recently between the Taliban and Iran over the shared Helmand River.

The Taliban threatened on Sunday that it could conquer Iran as tensions increase over water disputes between Afghanistan and Iran, leaving at least three people dead. In a video released by the Taliban, a senior commander in the terrorist organization running Afghanistan warned that the Taliban would fight the Islamic Republic's Revolutionary Guard "with more passion" than they fought the US forces. He added that the Taliban "will conquer Iran soon if the Taliban's leaders give the green light.

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A more in-depth article regarding back issues, including the Kamal Khan and Baksh Abad dams on the Helmand River and cross-border drug trafficking from Afghanistan into and through Iran.

Taliban and Iran are shooting at each other. Here's why​

By Bidisha Saha, Devvrat Pandey:

"At least three people were killed and several others injured after clashes broke out along the Iranian-Afghan border on May 27, further escalating tensions between the two countries amid a heated dispute over water rights in recent weeks.

The recent skirmishes come amid rising tensions between the two countries over the flow of water from the Helmand River in Afghanistan to the eastern region of Iran. It is being reported that the eastern region has been plagued by severe drought conditions. The mouth of the river is along the border between southwestern Afghanistan and southeastern Iran, where the clashes took place.

Using satellite imagery and the recent videos of the clashes, India Today’s OSINT team has identified the geolocations of the sites that lie along the southwest Afghan-Iran border between Kang district of Nimruz and Zaranj city in Afghanistan.

Both countries have blamed each other for starting the fights. According to Iran's deputy police chief, Gen. Qassem Rezaei, the Taliban fired the first shots on Saturday morning, reported by Iran’s state media Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA). On the other hand, from the Taliban's viewpoint, Iran started the clash, as stated by Afghan Interior Ministry spokesperson Abdul Nafi Takor.

What's the Helmand water-sharing dispute all about?

The issue of water has been a flashpoint between Afghanistan and Iran for centuries. The two countries are tied by the Helmand River, which is the longest river in Afghanistan. It emerges from the Sanglakh foothills of the Hindu-Kush mountain range in the northeastern part of Maidan Wardak Province and feeds into Hamun Lake along the country’s border with Iran.

The Helmand River is a major water source for both Afghanistan and Iran - critical for drinking water, fishing and irrigation. However, the two countries signed a treaty of water sharing resources in 1973, but it was never sanctioned, which made Helmand’s waters a point of contention between the countries."


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I get why they're angry but I'm not exactly sure they are beating Iran unless they get International help. Not sure they want to invite the wrath of Iran upon their people.