Taliban captures 6 provincial capitals amid heavy fighting


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Taliban captures 6 provincial capitals amid heavy fighting
US, UK urge all nationals to leave Afghanistan immediately as Islamists control 85% of the country.
AUGUST 10, 2021

[Islamabad] The Afghan Taliban’s gains continue on a fast track as the radical Sunni movement captured a sixth provincial capital on Monday. Insurgents entered Samangan on Monday morning without a fight after community elders pleaded with officials to spare the city from more violence following weeks of clashes on the outskirts, said Sefatullah Samangani, deputy governor of Samangan province.

“The governor accepted and withdrew all the forces from the city,” Samangani added, saying the Taliban were now in “full control.” A Taliban spokesman confirmed the city had been taken. On Sunday evening, after expelling government forces, the Taliban entered Taloqan, the capital of Takhar province, and hoisted its flag over the main square of the country’s seventh-largest city.

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This is a replay of what happened when the Soviets left Afghanistan. Only worse. The Taliban had decades to train fighting against the Russians, then later the Americans and their allies. They got better at killing.

Democracy was a false hope for a country based on the Koran. The reality of their laws, rooted in the Koran mean anarchy and chaos. A lot of blood will be shed.

Democracy and the rights and freedoms cherished in the West are only there as a legacy of the Bible. And not for long either.

The idealists who believed that peaceful change was possible in an Islamic society drank the same KoolAid as the American idealists who hoped to bring democracy to Afghanistan without anyone realizing that democracy is only able to grow, and survive in a culture infused with the Bible. Their secular world view, that makes all religions "equal" and attempts to make Islam look like a benevolent charity are doomed.

The Koran and the Bible are NOT equal "holy books". One of these things is NOT like the other. Both claim to be true. Only one is.

By making them "equal" and ignoring the obvious, the people in Afghanistan who are dying and will die were fed a lie from their allies in the West that was crafted by the ultimate enemy.

All religions are not equal.

Only ONE will support human rights, democracy and peaceful pursuits.

And it is NOT Islam.