Taliban Already Seizing “Humanitarian Aid”


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Taliban Already Seizing “Humanitarian Aid”
By Daniel Greenfield

The Biden argument has been that we can and should dispatch over a hundred million dollars of humanitarian aid and that we can safely fund and stock aid efforts in Afghanistan because somehow the Taliban won’t get their hands on it.

That fiction has quickly fallen apart.

Taliban militants pulled guns on United Nations aid workers and took off with 3.7 tonnes of Australian flour meant to be delivered to some of Afghanistan’s poorest families as the war-torn country faces a catastrophic famine.

The Australian Government donated the vital baking staple through the World Food Program as part of a $100 million handout which also includes other UN agencies.

This isn’t especially surprising because it’s how Islamic terrorists routinely operate.

And, I noted, UN agencies have been paying protection money to the Taliban for quite some time.

The Taliban had an extensive and sophisticated tax collection network long before they took Kabul which included all the usual elements of bureaucracy, registration, certificates, and assessments. They even have “NGO coordinators” who work with non-profit groups.

As an Economist article noted, “Britain’s Foreign Office had to remind ngos not to pay taxes to the Taliban.”

The Taliban at one point provided a list of non-profits that had registered with their Commission for the Arrangement and Control of Companies and Organisations. The group “included UN agencies, national and international NGOs and human rights organisations” including those that “rely on funding from a wide range of sources, including both the UN and the US government”.

That was back in 2013 when the Taliban had far less power and were less intimidating.

Humanitarian aid, either directly or through UN and local agencies, will be taxed by the Taliban. The Taliban will seize materials when they choose, or they’ll tax the organizations involved.

Or both.

Sending aid to Afghanistan is funding terrorism. Period.



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I've given a lot of money to NGOs over the years. Almost always going to countries run by undemocratic governments. Everyone involved knows the risks. That's why I always pray beforehand that God watches over our efforts, blesses and makes them fruitful. That hungry people get to eat, thirsty people get to drink, sick people receive medicine and care.

I have to try to help those in need, and I just have to trust God will take our meagre efforts and multiple them and that good comes out of it.


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Is fire hot? Who'd of thought!

I believe most world aid goes through hands it wasn't meant to and ultimately enriches bad people and gives those same people control over impoverished populations.
That’s exactly right but we are now under the thumb of an elitist, power hungry and just plain dumb administration that has firmly established itself as the most miserable and sick American administration in history. It can’t get ANYTHING right. We will be forced to watch this sort of tragic event, one after another, as long as Biden rules. We toss our border, our energy independence, and our economy in the name of kindergarten fables. We pretend we can buy friends. We pretend we don’t need to stop fentanyl from killing our addicted. We leave a nation based on a wished for result on the wishful date and call it a resounding success, leaving even our dogs behind. Washington lies continually but is a Satanically fueled juggernaut of never ending failure weighed down at the top by overarching incompetence and a mentally defective President. Our leaders have raised cowardice to the level of a sacrament, and failure to the most noble of American goals.
I can only imagine our next innovation. Maybe in order to expedite the transfer of our resources to nations that hate us, we can fly cash-carrying drones over their territory and release sacks of hundred dollar bills.