Taking Black Hawk on victory flight, Taliban parade plundered US hardware


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Taking Black Hawk on victory flight, Taliban parade plundered US hardware
Helicopter flying Islamists’ flag buzzes convoy of captured Humvees parading through movement’s heartland in Khandar province of Afghanistan
By David Fox
1 September 2021

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AFP) — A Black Hawk helicopter flew circles over the Taliban’s spiritual heartland in southern Afghanistan Wednesday while fighters below stood aboard captured Humvees as the Islamists paraded their plundered US military hardware. The Taliban’s victory lap, celebrating the final withdrawal of US troops, follows the group’s astonishing two-week takeover that capped a simmering 20-year insurgency.

On the highway towards Afghanistan’s second-biggest city of Kandahar, a long line of green armored fighting vehicles drove in single file, most with white-and-black Taliban flags attached to aerials. Fighters manned the controls of the multi-purpose trucks — used by US, NATO and Afghan forces during the two-decade war — while others clambered over the vehicles at Ayno Maina, a town on the outskirts of the city. Among the light weapons cradled by the militants were American M16 rifles.

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People claiming to have seen this Blackhawk helicopter must have been experiencing a mass hallucination. After all, the Biden government assured us these machines had been rendered inoperable.