Tag team-- Gaza and Hamas are quiet again, so Hezbollah (Iran's Lebanese proxy) is gearing up


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Iran continues to stir things up for Israel. They helped with the recent Gaza rockets, now blasted into silence by Israel and predictably Hezbollah their proxy in Lebanon is beginning to threaten northern Israel with invasion. Hezbollah's leader Nasrallah started with this on Sunday "For the first time in years, Hezbollah invited foreign press to a military exercise in southern Lebanon, including a simulated infiltration into Israeli territory and kidnapping of IDF soldiers."

Normally Nasrallah (who lives full time in a bunker for fear of his life) gets alarmed by Israel's counter threats and quiets down but in the wake of perceived weakness in Israel's leadership (the riots over reforming the Judiciary, the left wing attempts to remove Netanyahu) he's trying again.

Right on cue, a week after the Gaza rockets stopped.

Iran isn't slowing down, their allies in Gaza have run out of rockets for the time being and now Hezbollah in Lebanon is being called on to create violence.

Israel is quick to warn him not to test their limits

"Israel responded to this on Monday, at the Herzliya Conference. Maj. Gen. Aharon Haliva, the head of Military Intelligence, told the conference that at times, "the enemy is mistaken and challenges our security concept – actions like those of Nasrallah and [Syrian President Bashar] Assad are an example of this. Let no one be mistaken, the use of force in the north, by both Lebanon and Syria, could lead to an escalation and very significant clashes between Israel and Hezbollah and Lebanon."

Syria is mentioned here. Rightly so. Assad of Syria has just been welcomed back into the Arab League fold after being persona non grata for years due to his cruelty to his own people. Even the Arabs who are no stranger to cruelty to their people drew the line at some of Assad's dirty work. But now almost all is forgiven -- although some in the Arab League aren't too happy about Assad coming back in.

Syria is another of Iran's puppet proxies. I expect that if things heat up with Lebanon's Hezbollah, that Syria will be called on by Iran to chip in and help out.

None of this is catching Israel by surprise however.

Just a reminder of how close Isaiah 17 might be. One of these days. Maybe not this time, but at some point.