T- Mobile?


I'm thinking of getting one of their prepaid phones and was wondering if anyone has one and how well they work? I have a nextel plan right now that's going to expire in a couple of months and i don't want to renew the contract because i just don't use it enough to justify the money i pay each month for it but if the prepaid ones aren't good i don't want that either!! So what kind of cell phone do you guys use?


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We have Verizon. We had it before, then went to Cingular (on a friend's advice) and after the contract was up, came back to Verizon.

With Cingular we couldn't get service in areas where we could with Verizon.

Some people like both and some don't like either. I guess it depends upon where you are.



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I'm been happy with my pre-paid T-Mobile & Nokia phone. I live in a semi-rural area & have a strong signal.

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Hi, Jacee. We have been using a Trac-fone for over a year now, and I really love it! It can be purchased at Wal-Mart, and everything you need is in the package, including a short time limit introductory minutes card. I purchased over 1,000 minutes eventually, now that I know how much I like it. In fact, if you supply them with your email address, they will offer you special deals by email and will add bonus minutes, too, just for accepting their offer.
I've even seen their phone minutes cards available at gas stations. That's important to me--easy access.
We are not 'cell phone' available like most of our friends and family, but I do carry it with me (turned off). It comes in handy if I'm shopping and need to check on one of the grandchildren's sizes when I find a good deal. It's also not expensive to get started, and you have no contracts or sign-up fees. For one year, I pay what some cell phone customers pay for a couple of months. It's reasonable enough in price to have one for each member of the family. I don't mean to sound like a 'salesman' but I'm just a very satisfied customer. :D