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    “Last week on Friday morning the Air Defense Command understood that Israel faced a ballistic missile threat," Brigadier-General Zvika Haimovitch, Commander of the IAF's Air Defense Division, said. "In this situation there is no room or time for question marks or dilemmas. Our operational rules are very clear in this regard, to neutralize any threat which poses a risk to Israel and her citizens. And that is what we did and that is what we will do in the future.”

    The missile was launched at Israel during an IAF operation to strike a Hezbollah arms convoy in Syria. Syrian air defense systems fired three surface-to-air missiles at IAF jets. The army made the rare confirmation that one missile was intercepted by Israel’s Arrow missile defense system, with fragments of the SAM landing in Jordan.

    It was the most serious incident to have occurred between the two countries since the Syrian Civil War erupted six years ago.

    A senior IDF officer told reporters Monday that the reason the Syrian missile was intercepted specifically by the Arrow was that it was the best available option at the time of the incident.
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    Yep that's more like what I expected.
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    Assad and Syria have gotten bold with Russia dealing with their enemies.
  4. Chris

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    Yeah, they seem to have gotten bolder. They are in for a rude awakening though. :eek
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    As for Russia and the increasing tension between "the bear" and Israel, Amir Tsarfati had a good update on that increasing tension on 3/17, followed by another very short update to that 3/17 update, yesterday 3/20.

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    It is later than it has ever been before!
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