Syria FM tells Iran it will respond to Israeli attacks


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Syria FM tells Iran it will respond to Israeli attacks
Iran denies it is enriching uranium to 90 percent in meeting with Syrians.
Published: DECEMBER 6, 2021

Syria's Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad was in Iran this week and told his counterparts that Syria will respond to Israeli attacks on Syria. "We are responding to these attacks every day," Mekdad said, according to reports in Iranian media. He noted that the “Israeli regime's attacks on Syria could not go unanswered,” Tasnim news said. “Those who attack Syria are the enemy of Syria and they supported the terrorists. Israel is doing this today. Maybe today's answer is different from tomorrow and today's answer is different from yesterday.”

He said that Syria is responding in “various ways.” He claimed Syria is pursuing “terrorists,” which apparently refers to Syria’s regime cracking down on former Syrian rebels in southern Syria near the Golan. “Some expect the response to the airstrikes, but Israel should not forget that Syria may waive such attacks, but it will not forget the essence of the issue…Israel should not be misunderstood and should know that these attacks will be answered," he said.

These threats took place as he met Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, the Iranian Foreign Minister. They focused on strategic relations between the two countries. “Iran condemns the presence of foreign forces in Syria, which was done without coordination with the Syrian government. We welcome the review of the foreign policy of some Arab and European countries and the recent visits to Damascus and the reopening of some embassies,” the Iranian said. Amir Abdullahian also said: "We had a detailed discussion about Afghanistan and we agree on the need to form an inclusive government in Afghanistan."