Suspect in Colorado LGBTQ nightclub shooting identified by police


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Suspect in Colorado LGBTQ nightclub shooting identified by police
The shooting at Club Q occured on the eve of Trans Day of Remembrance, and the motive for the shooting is not yet known.
Published: NOVEMBER 20, 2022

Five people were killed and 25 were injured in a shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub on Saturday night in Colorado Springs, Colorado. A suspect, identified as Andrew Lee Aldrich, 22, was in custody and was being treated for injuries after the attack at Club Q, according to Colorado Springs police.

A spokesperson for the Colorado Springs Fire Department (CSFD) said that 34 firefighters and 11 ambulances were deployed to the scene of the shooting, transporting 2-3 victims at a time. “The hospitals are helping us to notify families of the injured… we do have officers at every hospital with all the victims,” Lt. Castro added.



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From the article:
"Places that are supposed to be safe spaces of acceptance and celebration should never be turned into places of terror and violence. Yet it happens far too often, "said US President Joe Biden. "We must drive out the inequities that contribute to violence against LGBTQI+ people. We cannot and must not tolerate hate."

Translation: we must redouble our effort to disarm the American people, and we must increase satanic indoctrination in the schools, and increase our suppression of those who express thought about homosexuality that has been forbidden by the high seers of liberalism, the official state religion. It's interesting that he was quoted as saying this in the same article that said no motive has been established yet.

Remember one of the favorite strategies of the liberal cult: never let a crisis go to waste.

It's too bad that anytime there is a tragedy like this political hacks like Biden immediately go out and dance on the bodies of the dead and demand that the liberal cult expand its control over us, even over our very thoughts. And since it is thoughts based on God's word they are dedicated to suppressing, the true nature of this cult is clear.


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If you check that name on facebook, it shows a yound Asian boy. I couldn't get into the acct because I don't have a facebook acct.

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Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
And not much about:

Patron used suspect's own gun to help stop mass shooting in Colorado Springs gay nightclub, mayor says​

November 21, 2022 / 4:01 AM / CBS/AP

"Colorado Springs, Colo. — As bullets tore through a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, killing five people and wounding many more, one patron who'd been partying moments before rushed into action, grabbing a handgun from the suspect, hitting him with it and pinning him down until police arrived just minutes later.
He was one of at least two customers who police and city officials credit with stopping the gunman and limiting the bloodshed in Saturday night's shooting at Club Q.
The violence pierced the cozy confines of an entertainment venue that has long been a cherished safe spot for the LGBTQ community in the conservative-leaning city.
"Had that individual not intervened this could have been exponentially more tragic," Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers told The Associated Press.
Matthew Haynes, founding partner of Club Q and Nic Grzecka, co-owner of Club Q, arrived to the club minutes after the emergency call was made and witnessed people doing their best to assist others into ambulances, find car keys and phones inside, and get people to medical treatment, CBS Colorado says.
They also learned about the brave actions of the a so far unnamed customer, who reportedly ran straight at the shooter when they opened fire.
"Saved dozens and dozens of lives, stopped the man cold in his tracks," Haynes said.
Stories of heroism have emerged, with several witnesses and Suthers saying various people in the bar - either customers, employees or both - subdued the shooter until police arrived, CBS Colorado reports."




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I feel terrible that I had no sadness when I heard about this event. The only sadness I did feel was knowing that the people that died probably didn't know Jesus and that's horrifying.