Supermarkets Allowed to Begin Rationing, Says Spain's Socialist Government


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To say the least, this isn't good. I don't even want to think what rationing in this country under the current Communist-Fascist Demonrat administration might look like. The only thing I'm absolutely sure of is Pelosi will still have her $48,000 refrigerator-freezers stocked full of her favorite $16 a pint gourmet ice creams.


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I suspect there is going to be more of this. Over the past few years there have been multiple shortages in European countries, including my own, that were not caused by actual shortages but merely worry of shortages - so everyone went out and bought lots of particular items (toilet paper, hand sanitiser, petrol etc). Because everyone went out to buy that product right now, there were shortages. I can only imagine how much worse it will be when there are real shortages. And I can see socialist governments rushing to introduce rationing, it is their kind of thing.

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My wife does most of the grocery store shopping for the two of us, so it's few and far between that I actually get into a store. I have to say though, that every time I do go, I see more and more employees filling carts for those who ordered their goods online.

Knowing where things will eventually end up, with being able to control what people buy and sell, I always think about how easy it would be to control what food people get if they cannot get into the store to pick it out themselves. This process of employees filling orders would certainly be put in place to execute food rationing - rather quickly.

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The Fred Meyers stores in our town have had a sign up in front of gallons of milk stating that there's a limit of two per customer. When my kids were young I'd buy as many as four gallons at a time... now, one gallon is enough. If you wanted more than two I guess you could buy two, put them in your car, then go back inside and get two more, and repeat until you've got what you want...


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Something is really wrong with the global supply these days. There are items we've issued Purchase Orders for three or four months ago and we still haven't received them. Suppliers are saying some "port" problems in China. There are also items we used to purchase from Ali Express that have free shipping, but now that option is gone.

If inflation and global supply continue to get worse, I think we can say this is a solid sign that the rapture might be real close. Hyper-inflation is a result of the third seal in Rev. 6, and we won't be around when that seal is opened.