Sudan to normalize ties with Israel after US ultimatum - report


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Sudan has reportedly decided to move forward with normalizing ties with Israel, after the US reportedly issued a 24-hour ultimatum to the country demanding that it recognize Israel in order to be removed from a US blacklist, a source close to Sudan's leadership told i24News.

The decision was made after a heated discussion on Wednesday, according to the news station.

In September, Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok said that the country does not want to link its removal from a US terrorism list, which is hindering access to foreign funding for the country’s economy, with a normalization of relations with Israel. However, Sudan’s leaders did not rule out establishing ties with Israel as part of a US offer of $300 million in economic aid, as well as $3 billion in debt relief and investments.
So are we demanding normalization now? If this even goes through, it isn't going to last very long. I don't like this move. It may last through the transitional government, but that is about it. We shouldn't be forcing anything on anyone - even peace.

In an alternate theory, this could make Israel feel at ease with her neighbors being in a peace agreement with them.
However, this might spike public outcry and there may be a price on someone's head over this. It's only speculation until it happens.
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This story isn't finished yet. We know that Sudan is part of the Ezekiel alliance.

Watch for a revolution there...
Apparently it's not over yet. I posted a followup on the gog dispensationalist thread but it appears now Sudan may not do anything.
It has been a back and forth. God's Word says Sudan is involved in Ezekiel 38. God is going to amaze us with how it all plays out.