Sudan accepted economic assistance from UAE, Russia, Turkey

Discussion in 'Gog / Magog' started by Almost Heaven, Jan 23, 2019.

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    KHARTOUM (Reuters) - Sudan, rocked by anti-government protests for over a month, has received economic assistance from the United Arab Emirates and accepted offers of support from Russia and Turkey, Oil Minister Azhari Abdel Qader said on Wednesday.

    “We received assistance from the United Arab Emirates,” he said. “And Russia and Turkey offered us assistance including fuel, wheat and others, and we accepted it as a normal matter between friendly countries in light of the current circumstances that Sudan is going through.”

    The minister did not give details on the scale or timing of the support.

    Sudan has seen near-daily protests since Dec. 19, amid worsening economic conditions and calls for an end to President Omar al-Bashir’s 30-year rule.

    Bashir met with Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani in Doha on Wednesday during his first trip abroad since the protests began.

    Bashir and Qatar’s emir discussed “the current economic crisis experienced by Sudan and Sudan’s efforts to get out of the crisis and the role of [our] brothers in general, and Qatar in particular, to help Sudan,” said Foreign Minister Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed.

    “Qatar reiterated its firm and continuous support for Sudan,” he said, speaking to reporters at Khartoum airport after Bashir’s return from Qatar.
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    Its my understanding that the Gig/Magog war will happen before the 7 yrs of the Great Tribulation takes place, and an I right in thinking that no countries come to Israel's aid?....I used to wonder why the US wouldn't , but it makes sense that if the Rapture occurs before that war. The US might be in such a weakened state, and controlled by Democrats, that the country wouldn't be able to...I heard someone say that when the Rapture occurred that the one country in the world to be affected the most would be the USA....that makes sense, and things are sure lining up for that war to happen...God will win this battle, Israel will know He did.,
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    I can't claim to know if the Rapture is before or after the Ezek war, but I kind of lean towards simultaneous. I have a problem with the argument that the US will be more affected than any other nation because, while we might have slightly higher percentage of adults that'll vanish, every single country will have their children vanish. I just can't see the politicians or military leadership completely ignoring their country's grief and proceeding to go to war. I could absolutely be wrong, but I think the rapture will create world wide issues that will take several months to recover from and that the US will recover just as much as Russia during that time.
    On the other hand, the Ezek war seems like a great lead-in to a treaty... which we won't be around for,, what do I know? Either way, I expect something to be soon.
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    Agree with you, batfan7, I try to understand what I read in the Bible, but I got a late start in spending time in the Word..I know we can count on the Lord's promises to be saved from the wrath to come, and other promises to us...I just try to notice as things seem to be converging., You can't help but notice things happening at an accelerated pace.

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