Stop the mask shortage protect yourself AND promote social distancing


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So as we were finishing our book club discussion between my best friend oh, his girlfriend, and myself, we were discussing the need to go grocery shopping sometimes if someone didn't want to have theirs delivered.

My friends were marked about using a mask and I said that I was against that because there is a general shortage in our area of masks and gloves and that we need to let the medical people have those first. And, that I read where a bandana would be just as good as a mask. Since after all it can come through the eyes anyway.

We left about the fact that it would be okay as long as you don't say stick I'm up, but what really got us roaring was what my friend suggested.

He suggested that since he does not own a bandana, he thought that he could just use his underwear.

Yes, tying your underwear around your face would definitely produce social distancing.