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As it has been amply demonstrated over the past week or so with people losing their tempers and insults being thrown every which way over the COVID19 vaccines.

It has become necessary that we put a STOP on all COVID19 vaccine threads until further notice. The admin team feels that the forums needs a "cooling down" period.

If you are you are concerned about anything to do with COVID19 including issues with masks, social distancing, etc. PLEASE consult your local medical professional for guidance and advice. Internet forums are not the place to get it.

We are Rapture Forums. We are Not the COVID19 forums.

We are not into fear, gloom, and doom. If you are into that sort of stuff I'm sure you can find some other prophecy sites that will be right up your alley to go post on. But this is not one of them.

Our focus is on Jesus Christ! We are not focused on AC, the FP, etc. Our eternal hope is in Jesus Christ. Not the AC, the FP, or anyone else.

I will not allow the Rapture Forums to be turned into a conspiracy theory central. If you want to perpetuate conspiracy theories that the COVID19 vaccines are going to alter your DNA, that Bill Gates and others want to kill everyone on earth, etc. PLEASE go somewhere else to do it.

We need sanity, reason, and clear thinking on the forums.

REMINDER, for the time being please do not post any more COVID19 vaccine threads or posts for any reason.

We will be going through the existing ones and reviewing them.

Thank you for your attention to this issue.


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Adrian wrote up this as I was writing my post and I just happened to post first. He goes into a little more detail than I do, so I am going to include his message here as well so you can see where we are coming from:

Folks, it's time to put a halt to the Covid-19 threads and posts. At least for the time being. Should this change we will announce it here.

There is a lot of misinformation floating around, and not just from the conspiracy sites. There is contradictory information coming from medical sources, too. And many governments seem to say whatever serves their interests at the moment. It seems clear that there is no 100% consensus across all medical experts. Certainly there appears to be a consensus across many experts that the vaccines in general are safe. And so they may be. Those of us who feel safer with a vaccine than without, have (or soon will have) taken it. Those who think the scattered reports of issues arising in some people who have received one of the vaccines warrants not getting a Covid shot should probably wait until the evidence can convince them. Nobody should be forced to do --or not do-- anything. Especially medical.

Because there is such division among pro-Covid vaxxers and anti-Covid vaxxers --not just in general society but among brothers and sisters in Christ-- disagreements based on personal beliefs about this vaccine have often resulted in Christians hurting --or being hurt by-- other Christians. This is wrong. We can have opinions, but they are our own and should not cause us to act in hurtful ways towards ours brothers and sisters in Christ who may hold different opinions. We are to love, comfort, and encourage one another; not cause them pain. Even if we mean well.

Therefore, for the time being at least, there will be no more member postings on the topic of the Covid vaccine. I think we can all agree that compulsory vaccinations, restrictions on citizens who refuse to be vaccinated, or the possible requirement for people to carry a "Covid passport" are all precursors to the "mark" that will one day be required of all people under the Antichrist. And they are part of the preparation for that eventuality that will occur once we, the Church, are gone. And that, actually, is all we need to know here. After all, this is Rapture Forums ... not Covid Forums. Let's stick to prophecy, the Gospel, prayer, praise and all those scriptural things that build up.


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I would like to set people's mind at ease about one thing in particular regarding the Covid vaccines and the vaccine passports-- in no way are they "the mark of the beast." If you have taken the vaccine, you have NOT!!! "taken the mark of the Beast." No way, no how.

The taking of the mark is first described in Revelation 13:16-17 ... and ONLY there:

"He (the False Prophet) causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."​

This event occurs at the mid-point of the Great Tribulation. Are we there yet? Are we in the midst of the Great Tribulation? Has the Church been removed from the earth to be kept from God's wrath? Have the seven seals been broken, each bringing its own woe? Have the seven trumpets sounded, each announcing a new judgment? Has the Antichrist appeared? Have the Two Witnesses? Has the Beast who received a head wound onto death and lived again appeared? Of course not! All of those things begin AFTER the Rapture. And BEFORE the taking of the mark. So nobody at this point in time could possibly take the "mark" ... even if they wanted to, because it has not yet been created and the Beast has not yet appeared. Nor have any of the other events of the Great Tribulation occurred.

Sadly, there are far too many supposed "prophets" and so-called "Bible teachers" running around on the internet --in particular on YouTube-- creating fear and panic, warning people that taking the Covid vaccine is taking the Mark of the Beast. Baloney! Balderdash!! Bullfeathers!!!

Satan loves to cause fear and stir up anxiety and uncertainty. Chaos and lack of peace are his goals. They always have been. And that old devil cannot change. His character is as sealed as his fate. So quit listening to him and to the deceived (and deceiving) individuals who are helping him spread his confusion and lies. Please read your Bible and believe it. You will see clearly that we are nowhere near the "mark" ... or its taking.

In these last days of this present Age, it is more important than ever to read the Bible and know it. That's why God gave it to us-- so that we would know the truth. You see, knowing the truth sets us free ... from fear, anxiety, and doubt. So, check every idea you hear against what the Bible says. And cast out ANY and EVERY idea that does not align perfectly with God's Word. That, my friends, is the way to peace in the midst of the storm around us.

I pray this has set at rest the minds of those who have been troubled by the Enemy of our souls and his ignorant servants.
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