State Of The Union Address!


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I will be watching Nancy, I do not know why watching her facial expressions while seated behind the President is so entertaining for me, but it is, probably just the kid in me.(maybe tonight the chompers take flight)
I am watching Nancy now and she is just staring off in space, or looking down at the desk. :whistle My son in law said Nancy looked like she had a lot of plastic surgery done on her face. o_O

Lovin Jesus

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Nancy never claps, never stands up, and keeps looking at her paper (I'm pretty sure it says, "don't explode") - this just says even MORE the divide in our nation. I hope Trump wins by a landslide in November!!!!! I pray that. But God's will be done.
Nancy got wide eyed and looked shocked as President Trump said every human life is a sacred gift from God, referring to unborn babies, so sad


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We had a science teacher in 9th grade who was a Christian. He had a wooden cross on a shelf. On Fridays before quizzes, he would take it down and go around the room to each desk to ask if anyone would like prayer before the test. Don't see that much these days.

But neither do I want my kid to have to participate in other "religion's" prayers. This one could cut both ways.