‘State of emergency demands emergency steps’: Herzog forms Israeli Climate Forum


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‘State of emergency demands emergency steps’: Herzog forms Israeli Climate Forum
President appoints former Hadash MK to head panel, which will lead deliberations about climate crisis and determine the state’s role in combating it, ahead of UN climate confab
By TOI staff

President Isaac Herzog announced on Wednesday the establishment of the Israeli Climate Forum, which his office said will shape the role the country plays in fighting the climate crisis. The forum, set to include representatives from the government, the Knesset, Israeli academia, local authorities, and the business and industrial sectors, will operate under the auspices of the President’s Office and will convene several times a year, according to a statement from Herzog’s office.

The panel will be an expression of Israel’s commitment to stand at the forefront of the global debate about the climate crisis, Herzog said in the statement.

“The global climate crisis has become an international emergency. It is having an impact on our lives in every respect, from the economy to national security. The establishment of the Israeli Climate Forum underscores the importance of dialogue between all parts of Israeli society,” the president said. “I hope that we will be able to place our concern for the future of our children and the fate of Planet Earth above arguments between us.”

Herzog said that the world and Israel “must wake up, change habits, and stop the climate crisis from getting worse.”

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