Startup Company 'Prophetic' is close to launching their 'Halo' device


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A startup company calling itself 'Prophetic' is preparing a neural device called 'The Halo'
which is intended to induce lucid dreaming.

The company claims that "people will be able to work in their sleep", solving problems
without the constraints of the conventional laws of physics such as gravity, conservation
of energy and conservation of mass to limit their imagination.

“There’s a reason why history’s luminaries in science, math, and art credit their lucid
dreams for their most pivotal discoveries.”

Lucid dreams are a type of dream where the dreamer is aware that they are asleep
and equate such dreaming to 'particle accelerators for consciousness' - a state that
allows for the objective observation of the neural foundations of self-awareness,
(meta)cognition, and sensory perception.