Starting in 2023, Windows 11 will require new laptops to have a front webcam


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In two years from now, your Windows 11-equipped laptop will have a camera on it. That's not a prediction, that's a fact — because Microsoft is demanding it. As part of the rush of news surrounding its new operating system, Microsoft has declared that starting January 1, 2023, all NEW laptops running on Windows 11 will need to have a front-facing camera.
For those concerned with privacy, this means a trip to the office supply store to grab more tape with which to cover up the pesky little lenses. And for those who've fully immersed themselves in the world of remote work, this means an end to the days of fearing a laptop will have a bad camera, or worse, no camera.

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Unless Microsoft will require facial recognition to log in

I considered that... Right now they offer several options for logging in. I selected fingerprint, but computers, phones, etc., often won't recognize my print so then I have to use one of the other options. Facial recognition will probably just be another option... maybe it is already... I'll have to check one of these days.


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Seems like most laptops come with a cover of some kind for the camera... which is nice. Otherwise a tiny piece of electrical tape does a good job.

I bought a little plastic device specifically made to be attached over the top of the camera with a little door that can be slid into place as desired to cover up the camera.
It's permanent and I don't have to keep taking tape off and on.

My wife's new HP has a switch on the side that turns off the camera.