Stabbing attack at holy shrine in Iran kills 1 cleric, injures 2


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Stabbing attack at holy shrine in Iran kills 1 cleric, injures 2
Motive for the foreign national’s assault remains unclear after the incident during Ramadan in the city of Mashhad

TEHRAN, Iran — An assailant stabbed three clerics at the most revered Shiite site in Iran on Tuesday, according to Iranian state-run media, killing one and injuring two before he was arrested. The motive for the attack remained unclear. One cleric died almost instantly after being stabbed at the Imam Reza shrine, a major pilgrimage site for Shiite Muslims in Iran’s holy northeast city of Mashhad. Two others were hospitalized, Iran’s state-run IRNA news agency reported.

Mashhad prosecutor Mohammad Hossein Darroudi described the assailant as a foreign national, without elaborating. He said four other suspects were arrested in connection with the case. State media identified the cleric who was killed as Mohammad Aslani. It did not provide information about the conditions of the other victims. Graphic video from the scene that was shared on social media showed two men splayed on the shrine’s gray marbled floor covered with blood. IRNA news agency posted a video of police arresting the assailant.



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