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I have huawei WiFi on my phone and it started to show SSL protocol error when trying to get on here's only as I came off the WiFi and started to just use data usage that I was able to get back on ....

Any ideas what to do if this happens again?? :)


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Date/Time is the most common reason behind SSL errors. When the date/time of your computer/phone is not in sync with the date/time of the server that you’re trying to access you’ll face the problem of ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR on your browser.
Sometimes browsing data may also come in the way of your internet surfing experience, thus giving you that nasty SSL error again and again. If the date/time on your computer/phone is right, try cleaning your web browser cache and temp files.

I use Norton Clean on my Android
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Soon and very soon ....
Aw thanks ....have indeed tried to troubleshoot the date and time, do a clearance etc etc but still good ol' Huawei don't likey this here website!! If I disappear again then my phone has run out of data and will need more data putting on ....