Spring Break Advice for Parents


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If your daughter announces her intention to go on Spring Break with friends to Mexico:
1. Hold chloroform-soaked towel over her nose and mouth briefly until she becomes unconscious.
2. Drag her into a room that can be locked or boarded over from the outside.
3. Plywood should be minimum half inch thick. Use two inch wood screws.
4. Make sure she has her cell phone so you can text videos of kidnappings and murders in Mexico. Include shootings by cartel members at five star resort hotels.
5. Use judgment to determine whether repentance has been achieved.

NOTE: The above is not considered legal counsel from Rapture Forums, nor should it be viewed as a guarantee of success. The possibility exists that your daughter would be considered stupid even by current public school standards.

Baby Yoda

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All five star hotels are now within the jurisdiction of a drug cartel. But the President of Mexico is insulted that it has been suggested that our military take action to destroy the cartels. These cartels are now in control of drug trafficking in many American cities.

And thanks to them now college kids are having to pack Narcan (the overdose antidote) in their spring break bags. Was all over local news today

Ghoti Ichthus

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Can we just go back to Easter and Passover Break? Puh-leeeeeeze?!!!

It used to be that every day or evening of Holy Week had something going on at church. The Jewish kids also had the next week off because of how Passover lined up, and they had a lot of stuff going on, too.

I remember singing The Seven Last Words (Debussy) in the church high school choir on Wednesday night of Holy Week, and the church, which sat 2000, was packed and overflowed into Fellowship Hall with cctv in the basement. To this day, that choir and any choir alumni that want to participate, still do this.

There were Handel's Messiah sing-alongs at a lot of churches with organ and sometimes also additional instruments/orchestra, and professional performances of Handel's Messiah, complete with organ and live orchestra.

Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, and Resurrection Sunday services. Continuous prayers in church sanctuaries from the end of Good Friday service until sunrise Resurrection Sunday service. New Easter bonnets/hats and dresses (yuck).

Special Bible studies, extra prayer services, Passover Seders, plays/pagents, fellowship dinners, breakfasts, and lunches, Easter morning all-you-could-eat pancake breakfast at Perkins for the choir (buuuuuuurrrrrp), etc., etc., etc.

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Spring Break always seemed like such a nightmare to me when I was young. I hated crowds and big parties and noise and drinking and inappropriate behaviours. My friends and I played card games and had impromptu talent shows at our parties. We were so super cool.

A good friend went to Mexico one spring break with college roommates and they made the "wise" decision to go to a club off-resort. It involved my friend having to pull her more trusting friend out of the arms of some guy dragging her into a back room, corralling their other friend and getting them back to the resort as quickly as possible. I remember being glad I hadn't heard the story until all of them were clearly safe and back in the country. I don't know what prompted them to go off-resort as most resorts have plenty of clubs and chances to drink.