Spam on my Android phone


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I have a Gmail account on my laptop and my Android. It has the same email address.

I haven't been getting any spam on my laptop email. However on my phone I've been getting a lot like 100 emails. I must have identified them somewhere that they were spam because now they're in my spam folder.

My question is if I delete my Gmail account on my Android will the Gmail account on my laptop still be working?

Figured if I could get the Gmail off my Android that I could reinstall it and I wouldn't have any spam.

It's a real conundrum for me and I look online and I get very frustrated with all of the different ways to get rid of spam. I just don't want to get spam on my Android phone because my laptop doesn't get the Spam. Any ideas?

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If it is the same account, it should get the same e-mails. Are they different e-mail addresses? If so you have two accounts and you could put either on whatever devices you want to.


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That is because your Android email is getting routed through Google Drive and the spam is on Google Drive - so the spam is coming from there - you regular Gmail account through your computer does not hence you do not see it there.
In the Google Drive mobile APP there is a Notification Settings which you may use to protect yourself from receiving further SPAM:
Tap Settings (3 horizontal bars)
Select Settings
Tap Notifications
Select Toggle Off All Notifications