SpaceX declares independence: Elon Musk's firm says they will not recognize Earth laws in planned Mars colony


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Haha. Self-governing principles—-otherwise known as the most brutal guy with the biggest gun dictates.


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"And how can this be?" asks the little Bene Gesserit while watching it rain on Dune for the first time. "For (Elon Musk?) IS THE KWISATZ HADERACH!!"
-Frank Herbert


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If they won't be governed by earthly laws, they most likely won't be paying earthly taxes.
So, I would say they are not entitled to any funds, help or bail-outs from the U.S. or any earthly governments.
That should lead to a disaster somewhere down the road.


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I always wondered when the rapture happens on Earth and if you are on Mars would you get raptured as well, the Bible only talks about this planet, unless we never get to Mars or anywhere else for that matter. The Bible does not mention life - as we know it - anywhere else in the universe