Sources: Chances Netanyahu signs a plea bargain are 50-50


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Sources: Chances Netanyahu signs a plea bargain are 50-50
Sources say Attorney General won't budge on moral turpitude clause of plea bargain with former PM.

Sources with knowledge of the details of the plea bargain that is being discussed between former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Attorney General Dr. Avichai Mandelblit told Channel 13 News on Friday that the chances of Netanyahu signing a deal are 50-50.

At the same time, other sources who spoke to Channel 13 News said that the chances of a deal are high, given the fact that the opposition chairman is interested in leaving the matter behind him. Meanwhile, the Attorney General is not willing to waive the moral turpitude clause of the agreement, and is assuming that a conviction on charges of breach of trust will result in moral turpitude in any case.

On Wednesday, Channel 13 reported that Netanyahu is engaging in negotiations with Mandelblit for a possible plea bargain. Netanyahu is said to have agreed to Mandelblit’s demand that he resign from the Knesset before being convicted, and to leave politics for several years. Mandelblit also reportedly demanded that Netanyahu be given a minimum sentence of at least community service and an admission of moral turpitude, which could hinder Netanyahu’s return to politics.