Something sweet - Who is your Timothy?


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My daughter, who is now sixteen, used my Bible when she was between the ages of 11 - 14. I keep finding the most precious little notes that she has put in it. One of my favorites is:

My Timothy's

1. Ryan (my brother)
2. My dad
3. My friend Lalo
4. Girls in Human Trafficking
5. Dominic (little brother)

This Bible also belonged to my grandfather before my daughter used it. He passed away a few years ago, but gave this to us one time when we visited him. I find his notes all over the Bible.

It made me realize that a Bible is a guide, but it is also a treasure and we can leave a part of our walk with God with others, if we use a Bible to it's fullest and then pass it on to somebody.

What a blessing that would be, not to just get a brand new Bible, with pages that still stick together, but to also get a Bible that has notes of prayers, and scripture read in prayer for family members. A book that highlights the struggles that a person endures during a walk in Faith. A Book that shows growth over years and years of reading and re-reading, of understanding and really understanding.

I consider this Bible a family heirloom greater than all the silver and china in the world.

What a blessing my grandfather left us. I am sure missing him today, but I feel so close to him and to the Lord when I open this Book.

My Timothy's are my husband and my sons. My Paul is my grandfather, what a blessing he has been to me, even after his death.