Some Very Surprising and (Deeply Encouraging) Christian Poll Results

Tall Timbers

Imperfect but forgiven
On September 6, I conducted a poll on Twitter, asking, “If you had to choose between the two, which do you feel is more important for the good of America? That we have the best potential president in the White House or that the Church maintains a good witness before the world?” What do you think the final results were? What’s your guess?

To give you an idea of the demographics of my 46,000 Twitter followers, among those who responded to a previous poll I did on September 1, 68.7 percent voted for Trump in 2020, 7.5 percent for Biden, 8.9 percent for another candidate, and 14.9 percent did not vote for president.

So, it was people like this who responded to my September 6 poll. How do you think they voted?

Less than 3 percent (2.9 percent, to be exact) were not sure which was more important. Even less (2.7 percent) answered with having the best potential president in the White House. And a massive 94.4 percent responded with the Church maintaining a good witness.