Some IDF officials warned against bombing AP, Al Jazeera building - NYT


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Some IDF officials warned against bombing AP, Al Jazeera building - NYT
Some officials are now saying the doubters were right, saying the damage to Israel's standing in the world outweighed the alleged strategic value of the building and its contents.
MAY 23, 2021

Some high-ranking officials in the Israeli government and military argued against the controversial bombing of a high-rise building in Gaza City that housed the offices of the Associated Press, Al Jazeera and other news media, The New York Times reported on Sunday, citing three Israeli officials with knowledge of the discussions. Supporters of the attack on the al-Jalaa building, which occurred last Saturday, claimed it contained vital Hamas electronic equipment and that the IDF had warned the people in it that the strike was coming, the report said.

However, another official in the room seemed to believe that any strategic importance of the equipment wasn't enough to justify destroying a building which houses important journalistic outlets, with the damage to Israel's standing in the world outweighing the damage done by the equipment which was allegedly in the building. While some are now saying the strike was a mistake, one top official said he had no regrets about it, saying shortly after the bombing that "if Israel had not taken the action, Hamas would have realized that it could shield its resources from attack by placing them near media facilities," the Times reported.



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Needed to be done.

Those "outlets" were just a different form of shield. If you don't take out all the Hamas locations, especially important ones, then Hamas operates with impunity and locates their operations only in buildings that Israel is afraid to bomb because of repercussions.

Israel can't just bomb the rocket launch sites. They also have to bomb command and control.