So... Today is Easter Sunday and guess what the roman catholic preist decides to talk about....


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He decides that instead of talking about Scripture, he would give us some story about his child hood and how he loved to hold the candle during their Easter vigil. This parlays into a story about how the creation is perfect and how bees make the best wax and this is why they have their manly tradition of candle holding (this worship is from the sun god) and how to maintain the purity that their candles have to be 51% bee;s wax... Finally, he gets to the part how Christ is the light but never did he go into detail about why Easter is Celebrated.

(My wife is catholic and if I don't go to mass, well my life is pretty much not good)
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Randy - Saved by Grace

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Been there, done that.................
Many years ago after I became a Christian, (my wife was catholic), I told her I was taking the kids to a Bible teaching, Bible preaching church.
She came along and also became a Christian.......................
Does not surprise me that the priest did not discuss scriptures.................
Hang in there brother...................

Romans 10:17
So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.


Many years ago when I would still set foot in a catholic church I went to a Christmas vigil mass. The sermon wasn't about the gift and blessing born into the world that night, it was about all the noise all the different animals would've been making that night. The closing lines of the sermon were "silent night, I think not". With the exception of weddings and funerals I have never again attended a roman catholic mass.

Two or three years after giving this ridiculous and meaningless sermon that particular priest had a stroke that robbed him of his ability to speak. I've always wondered if his loss of speech had anything to do with his sermons.