So excited to be here.

Good afternoon Brothers and Sisters in the Lord. I just wanted to say how thankful I am that this website exists. I've been scoping you guys out for several months now and have been very much edified by all that I've read. I'm so excited that our Lord is returning soon. The other night my little boy and I laid out in the grass on our backs after dark to look at the stars. I used it as an opportunity to talk to him about the Lord's return. He just turned five so he's not saved yet. Lately I find myself frequently gazing up at the sky. I cannot wait to go home. I've learned quite a bit after reading so many of your articles and I have a long list of people here that I've come to respect although I won't list their names. I am born again and this website has helped me to finally get a grasp on Biblical eschatology. I feel like I've definitely grown stronger in my relationship with Christ since I first discovered you. Thank you for standing firm on the Biblical truths and for having a higher standard than some of other places that I've been to online. I typically share any interesting articles that I read here with my extended family, and there is usually several in a day. :preach


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I remember when I found this sight too!


I was saying the same thing. I have learned so much here that I check daily to see what is going on and this is where I trust the Lord will teach me.

Nice to meet you too!

Almost Heaven

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Welcome we are glad you are here. Make yourself comfortable. We look forward to your posts and getting to know you.



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Hi and :welcome: to the family! We thank you for the warm greeting, we truly love one another here and try our best to live in God's will for our lives. We look forward to spending time in fellowship with you! :meet: