So Disappointed and Surprised!


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Was watching tv this morning. Not much on so found Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. I occasionally watched this program and thought it was clean. However in this particular program Dr. Quinn was acting as the community school teacher. She was kinda just talking to the students about what was interesting to them. First thing you know she was talking about Darwin and evolution. Later she was talking to someone that knew the bible quite well. He had heard what she said in school that day and was questioning her on it. He mentioned that the bible says that God made the heavens and the earth in 6 days. Dr. Quinn responded that 7 days could mean 7 ages. And that God could have created through evolution too.

Sigh, I thought this was a wholesome program til today.

Andy C

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Sorry to hear this about a show I watched on a regular basis.

For me, I never turn on the TV expecting a biblically sound show, they don’t exist. For me, its strictly for light entertainment and no matter the content, I know what is biblically solid, and NO TV show can chip away at this. Gays on almost all shows, atheist attitudes, and glorification of sin is prevalent, but then again, so is going outside of my house into our world.

Hopefully, time is short, and this cess pool we call home will no longer exist as we transition to our new, and True Home.


Disappointments on even the very old TV shows. Dh and I tape (DVR) the old Gunsmoke, Bonanza and Little House shows and often watch those in the evening. TV is always off during the day. The old black and white Gunsmoke shows are getting to be my favorite but sometimes even those....


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I remember many years ago, I would say elementary school age, staying up late in the summer to watch reruns of Bonanza. It would come on at 10:30 I believe.


DH is retired and I work from home. Our tv is on all day. I used to hate it; now it’s noise.

I’m not bothered by his sports. What I despise, however, is finding a show that doesn’t have full nudity, prolonged sex scenes, and some of them homosexual.

Truly troubling.