Smotrich: 'Bennett will cave and build consulate'


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Smotrich: 'Bennett will cave and build consulate'
Smotrich: 'Bennett will cave and build consulate.'
Smotrich claims he is not a racist, but continues to warn against rising Arab nationalist extremism.
Arutz Sheva Staff , Oct 17 , 2021

MK Bezalel Smotrich, Chairman of the Religious Zionist Party, said Sunday that Arab Knesset members who support terrorism have no place in the Knesset of Israel and the State of Israel. During a discussion on the immigration bill last week in the Knesset, MK Smotrich told Knesset members of the Joint Arab List: "You are here by mistake - because [former Prime Minister David] Ben-Gurion did not finish the job and did not throw you out in '48."

"I did not exaggerate at all," MK Smotrich told Sharon Gal on Galei Israel today. "Arab Knesset members, anti-Zionist terrorist supporters, are debating the Basic Law of Immigration, provoking us [by claiming] that we are all immigrants here and we have no rights in this country, and we are racists and fascists and who knows what else. There is no place for such people in the Knesset or in the State of Israel."