Six killed, 32 injured in firefight in the heart of Beirut


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Six killed, 32 injured in firefight in the heart of Beirut
Hezbollah protests investigation into Beirut Port explosion, leading to violence.
OCTOBER 14, 2021

At least six people were killed and 32 wounded in Beirut on Thursday as shots were fired during a protest by Hezbollah supporters against Tarek Bitar, the judge investigating the Beirut Port blast, as tensions surrounding the case continue to rise. As of Thursday evening, the Lebanese Army had succeeded in returning calm to the streets and the security situation had improved. The shooting reportedly began in the Tayouneh area where it meets Ain El Remmaneh and Chiyah, a site famous for sectarian clashes during the 1975 civil war in Lebanon, as it marked the border between east and west Beirut.

Hezbollah and the Lebanese Army reported on Thursday that the shooting targeted the protesters. However, shortly after the shooting began, Hezbollah and Amal supporters could be seen firing toward buildings in the areas with automatic weapons and RPGs, raising questions whether the supporters who had claimed to be peaceful had come to the protest armed.