Six dead including 73-year-old suspect in shooting near Canada's Toronto


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Six dead including 73-year-old suspect in shooting near Canada's Toronto
The suspect was shot at by police and was pronounced dead at the scene.
Published: DECEMBER 19, 2022

Six people, including a 73-year-old suspect, died and one person was seriously injured in a shooting at a residential building in the city of Vaughan in Canada's Ontario province on Sunday night, local police said. The York Regional Police Department said it was working to confirm the identities of the victims and inform their families. Vaughan, which is less than 50 km (31 miles) north of downtown Toronto, is located in Ontario's York region and has a population of about 320,000. Authorities have not released more information about the victims, the suspect, or the suspect's motive.



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He was a lunatic who had a longstanding grievance against his condo board -- all volunteers. He's been a problem for a long time. The board was undergoing legal action to have him removed due to fears of just this sort of behaviour.

He got into the units of most of the condo board and shot them to death before being shot to death by police. One member is in hospital in serious condition but expected to live and one member survived without being shot at all.

Illegal handguns are easy to get in Canada so it's likely he got an illegal weapon from some source (the drug trade usually).

It's equally likely Trudeau will use this as an excuse to ban legal guns.

However I have personal knowledge of someone in my own family who should never be allowed near a gun, who was allowed to have her guns back by a judge here in BC despite proof that she has in the past formed plans to do a murder suicide and who threatened that same idiot judge with a longbow.

So basically I'm saying if you're a lunatic in Canada chances are you can own and operate a firearm, but if you are a sane law abiding hunter or rancher or gun enthusiast, you are fresh out of luck.

I'm a tad crabby about this and Trudeau in general.