Sincerity in Prayer


Not with sincerity, but I often feel I don't pray long enough or in enough detail. I am sincere about what I'm saying, but maybe not thorough enough. Then again, I really hesitate to bother Him with some of my trivial issues.
I feel like that also. What I meant by sincere is that when I pray about something I sometimes have a thought that I dont really mean it, even though I did.


Do you mean if you ask that someone gets well, or finds a new job or something, but you really don't care that much if that happens? I get that.
It is more for me personally. When I pray for other people I don't feel that way, but when I pray for things I need to change in my life, I will get thoughts like you really don't want to quit doing that or other things like that.


Choose your words carefully...
Romans 8:26 HCSB
In the same way the Spirit also joins to help in our weakness, because we do not know what to pray for as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with unspoken groanings.

Not knowing how to pray or if our prayer is even heard is quite common.

But know God hears all our prayers and the Spirit intercedes and helps us, you might say translates our prayers heavenward.

There are many outlines for prayer, so search this site.

Of course Jesus knew this would be an issue so He gave us the perfect Prayer.

I'll try to outline, my gleaning of this incredible gift:

1. Glorify and Worship God
2. Thank God for everything
3. Praise Him for His Salvation
4. Seek the welfare and salvation of others
5. Ask for His help in conforming to His will
6. Proclaim His Righteousness and Power
7. Praise His Eternal being

Sometimes we do 2 quickly and go right to 4 and 5. And while on 5 we roll out the list.
Its ok to make specific requests, but how much of our prayer is focused on God?

Maybe this will help.
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