Silman publicly urges her friends in Yamina and New Hope to quit coalition


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Silman publicly urges her friends in Yamina and New Hope to quit coalition
Renegade MK insists her resignation due to government violating status quo on Sabbath and other religion and state issues; TV report alleges husband Shmulik behind recent moves
By TOI staff
2 May 2022

In her first televised interview since resigning from the coalition, Yamina MK Idit Silman said Monday that the “gradual erosion” of Israel’s Jewish identity under the watch of the current government led her to quit. The former coalition whip claimed that the status quo regarding the public upholding of the Sabbath, along with other issues pertaining to religion and state, has been violated by the government and that nobody from within is stopping it from taking place.

“Nobody is prepared to stand up to the Yisrael Beytenu party… on kashrut, conversion, the Reform Western Wall, the Temple Mount, on Torah study,” Silman told Channel 12, listing issues on which the government has sought to enact reform. Her break with the coalition last month came days after she publicly criticized Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz over his insistence that hospitals abide by rules allowing hametz — leavened products forbidden by religiously observant Jews over Passover — to be brought into facilities. Many took notice of the criticism, noting that as coalition whip, whose job is to keep lawmakers on the same page, she normally avoided public spats within the fractious alliance.

Silman also claimed in the interview that she was not promised anything in exchange for resigning from the coalition. Channel 12’s website reported that this denial came despite what it said was a meeting she held with opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu hours before she announced her resignation.