Sid Roth


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mentioned on the radio show btw is

James Goll
Stacey Campbell

Perry Stone

Bill Johnson

Paul Mc Guire

Joel Richardson

Tom Horn

Karen Dunham

Steve Shultz (of the Elijahs list website

Ana Werner

Walid Shoebat

Mark Blitz

Jonathan Cahn

John Mc Tiernan

L.A. Marzulli

Todd Bentley

Rick Joyner

Mark Virkler

Chuck Pierce

Patricia King

David Herzog

Judy Franklin

Bill Wiese


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I know he Is BF here in SO CAL he got cancel by local channel HA HA replaced this get this Law and Order reruns LOL!


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is upcoming event of Roth 's (this week btw)

and here's how he promoted it on his FB page regarding this event (since I cant post FB links on here, but I do have a screen shot picture from my tablet

in case anyone don't believe me about how strange this event is promoted by Sid


my comment:...

so, Sid Roth is sounding more like Oprah everyday (with prizes and new-agey experiences)

and much like Oprah,

Sid is peddling new-age mysticism disguised as christian teaching


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I bump into his youtube stuff that comes up on my Recommended for You section in the YTube when I turn it on.

His choices of subject matter and guests have always told me all I need to know, and I avoid him like the plague.

same here.

I cant judge the hearts of these folks,

but I think some of Roth's guests and some of the YouTube vlogger prophets types (including a few I've mentioned on here recently)

are closeted new-agers (and or maybe trying to lead people away from Jesus and push them into the new-age movement on purpose)

cause I've heard words a lot by both camps I just mentioned

that are known to be used by new-age cults and mysticism types

i.e. portals and orbs and wormholes and seer (among other new-age terms)


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I prefer my wormholes on Deep Space 9 (Star Trek). I sometimes wonder if these ones that are so big on all the wormhole, alien talk just really miss the multiple iterations of Trek since they got cancelled.

what about Sliders or First Wave (couple eps. of that show mentioned Wormholes)

I know Heroes/Icons airs all 5 Star Trek shows on weekdays. (wish Omaha got H/I as a broadcast sub-channel btw HINT, HINT to local tv stations


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Well I never her or heard her speak till now, she is worse than expected. I'd heard OF her of course. I didn't watch much of that clip, I couldn't take much of her staged delivery, or hoky voice. She is a CHARLATAN. A true Christian doesn't need staged weird voice patterns or the kind of pauses that Hitler used to drum up interest and enthusiasm. This is manipulative and deceptive. No WONDER Benny Hinn loves her so much and talks about her effect on his ministry. Well I guess Sid Roth's problem goes back a long way.


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Mike Evans

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Great comment! There is speculation that Wilkerson's car accident may have been suicide. He had been leaving blogs full of hopelessness in his last months. I saw a website exposing him last week which cited his many false prophecies.
If you look at the beginning of the Pentecostal movement it is clearly a false cult begun by heretics. Charles Parham was a freemason and a sodomite who actually denounced Azusa st and labelled it demonic and was henceforth locked out. He failed to realize his own version of these manifestations was also satanic. John Wesley, who did some good, was a champion of the 2nd century heretic Montanus and spearheaded the doctrine of a post-salvation Baptism in the Holy spirit. This led to the excesses in the Wesleyean holiness movement in the 1800's and the sinless perfection cults (which were full of sexual abuse). Finney reportedly believed he had reached sinless perfection. Parham came out of the Methodist holiness school of thought. What makes the whole thing so hard to discern is that it contains or once contained a percentage of truth inc salvation via the new birth. The truckload of heresy and false spirits which come with that are geared to bring any genuine converts to apostasy- or at least make their lives miserable and ineffective to reach the lost.
I came out of it via reformed people like John Macarthur but thankfully I was on my guard. After comparing the doctrines of Calvin with the full counsel of scripture and looking at Calvin's reign of terror in Geneva I parted company from his false gospel. Heresy breeds heresy and MacArthur has added his own of late egs. The blood of Jesus is just 'liquid' and one can take the mark of the Beast and be forgiven.....Many flee charismania only to be deceived by Calvinism. I suggest the articles on this topic by Deborah and Tom on the Discerning the World website for any startled by my statements here. Deception is rampant in these evil days!
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They call that Chips curse since everybody start in movie with both Ponch or Jon Baker they got crazy they just end up dead that is Burbank CA story right there


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Roth had NAR apologist Dr Michael Brown on his show this week

need I say more if both Roth and Brown are good friends

Mike Evans

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Appearing on Sid Roth's 'IT'S DEMONIC' program is akin to publicly declaring oneself to be a Heretic (capitolized on purpose). An alternative title for the NAR's favorite public relations show could be 'LET'S NOT TEST THE SPIRITS!'
Watching the parade of mystics and shamans on this show on YouTube made me begin to question the charismatic movement and ultimately flee it. Would that all viewers had the same reaction! The studio audience personifies 'spiritual gullability'. No tale is too tall for discernment-void Sid, who holds his own 'healing meetings' with impartations galore for the unwitting and deceived.
On her last show, Jackie Alnor lamented that people speaking out against the Great Apostasy of our age are tiring of the persecution and shrinking in number. Those maintaining the fight for the faith,like her and Susan Puzio,are greatly appreciated. Re the browbeating, doctrinally aberrant Brown, you can tell that he was on to Chris Roseborough from the moment he called his show re LeClaire and did his best to humiliate him and all other critics of charismania. Shameful.