Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

Discussion in 'The Rapture, Bible Prophecy, and End Times Chat' started by Chris, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. Cindy S.

    Cindy S. Well-Known Member

    I took my grandkids to church last Sunday and my 7 year old learned the truth about Santa.
    One of the kids raised their hand and asked if Santa was real.
    Boy were his parents upset.
  2. Psalm37v4

    Psalm37v4 Member

    I absolutely celebrate Christmas! I don't give a hoot what day Jesus was born on. It's the event I celebrate. He came to earth! Our Messiah is here! Who can't get excited about that?

    I don't do the lights, tree, or decorations for 3 reasons...Daniel, Serena, and Toby (my 3 cats). I wish I could, only because they bring joy and wonderful memories to my life. But at my job I have tinsel, decorations and a couple "trees" from the Family Dollar. It's fun.
    Yes I know all the pagan origins, and I'm also sad at how commercialized the day has become. But I try to focus on the true celebration of Christ.
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  3. Tall Timbers

    Tall Timbers Imperfect but forgiven

    Tomorrow may be the day that I go out back and cut down a Charlie Brown white spruce tree and bring it in to decorate for Christmas.
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  4. Andy C

    Andy C Well-Known Member

    It was a good fight, lasted a few rounds, but I finally positioned my tree straight up in the stand and untangled many strings of lights and they’re now on the tree. My jobs done, the wife, daughter and granddaughter will hang the ornaments.

    Celebratre or not, your choice.

    Enjoy the Holidays, Merry Christmas all.
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  5. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

    I agree and I think as long as we keep the "reason of the season" in focus on Jesus everything is fine. I don't think people today worship Christmas trees or at least I have never known anyone that has. Our tree is up as well. :)
  6. Cindy S.

    Cindy S. Well-Known Member

    I found the most awesome real looking artificial tree this weekend.
    It's in 3 pieces and similar to an umbrella it unfolded and I fluffed out the branches. Best tree ever. I got a nice star or Jesus star as my grandson calls it. The star that led the wisemen to Bethlehem.
    I need to get a better nativity now.
  7. Kem

    Kem Citizen

    I would prefer to celebrate it, if at all, on Hanukkah but as long as we remember who we are celebrating, it is fine with me. I do get peeved though, at all the Santa Clause stuff, the spending that folks can't afford but don't want to offend so they spend, the overeating and sadly the many, many, many programs that some churches expect folks to attend. I remember a musical and theatrical production that a Wesleyan church in Hamburg, NY had, that seemed to have little to nothing to do with the Lord. In my opinion it was loud and offensive and I told dh I was not going to attend another one. These are the kind of things that sour the whole "Christmas" thing for me.
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  8. Andy C

    Andy C Well-Known Member

    Sorry Kem, but we have Santas all over the house, and, we also have a manger scene in every room. I look at Christams as the time we celebrate His birth (even though He was not born in Dec), and He gave us the ultimate free gift, and thats salvation through belief in Him. Throughout this season many are uplifted, and enjoying giving, which should be an everyday thing, but that will never happen. He gave us this gift, and we can help others during this season to also receive the same gift.

    Maybe if I did not have little Milly here, Santas may not be displayed, but for now, they work fine for me.

    All who attend Christmas Eve dinner at our house will have no doubt Who we are celebrating, as my prayer at mealtime will leave no doubts.

    Merry Christmas.
  9. athenasius

    athenasius Well-Known Member

    Well as for Santa, his roots are with an ancient Christian who was known to celebrate Christ's birth by giving the gift of a dowry to poverty stricken young women whose families couldn't afford to set up a dowry for their young unmarried adult daughters. His big idea was to help make setting up Christian homes and families a reality for these impoverished young women. He did it to celebrate Christ's birth, by then being celebrated on Dec 25th or so in the Roman Empire.

    I know there are some overtones with a nasty Norse "god" demon but if we ditch that Norse nonsense we are left with someone who gave good gifts with an idea to help start young people in Godly marriages. Pretty good stuff.
  10. Salluz

    Salluz Well-Known Member

    CS Lewis captures a similar idea in the second Narnia book by having Santa go around giving gifts and proclaiming God (Aslan in the case of the books, but you know)
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  11. Andy C

    Andy C Well-Known Member

    I did not know this, thanks for the education!
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  12. Vertigo

    Vertigo Member

    I will always celebrate christmas. But no santa or elves or any of that nonsense. I do have a tree and gifts, however.
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  13. Andy C

    Andy C Well-Known Member

    So, how do you really feel?:D

    As I said earlier, I believe its a personal choice, and one I could lean either way.
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