Shopping at Goodwill


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Goodwill has been a blessing for my sister who is mildly autistic. She always had troubles with people wanting to hire her because she is slow, but Goodwill hired her and she has been working for them for about 5 years now. (Although she has some mental challenges, she is one of the mightiest Christians I know):knight


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My town doesn't have Goodwill or Salvation Army but it does have a couple thrift stores. For years there was just one, run by the "Pink Ladies" of the hospital auxiliary, who are a fund-raising group of the small local hospital. Much of my wardrobe comes from there, and I donate frequently.

When we first moved to Nevada almost 40 years ago, we didn't live here in town as we do now, but rather in a very small ranching community 50 miles away. I heard references by the locals to the "Poke and Peek" in town; I didn't know what it was, but made a guess. It seemed to be quite a fixture in town. Having moved here with a newborn and a toddler, I didn't do any extra running around town when I made my bi-weekly 100-mile round trip, and I had not seen any such signs. After about six months, I learned, to great hoots of laughter by everyone else, that it was a popular thrift store, NOT a brothel.