Shoplifters Are Looting In Broad Daylight In Blue Cities, Police Hands Are Tied Under Democrat Leadership

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And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. Matthew 24:12

Following a relentless effort by the Democrat establishment to demonize and defund the police, crime rates in deep-blue cities, including New York City, Portland, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco and St. Louis, are skyrocketing.

Muggings, vehicle break-ins, carjackings and homicides are surging in blue cities across the country amid the implementation of bail-reform laws that keep violent offenders out of jail and legislative measures that put the burden of liability on police officers while emboldening criminals.

As Violent Crime SURGES across America, some politicians and some in the media are gaslighting the public into thinking the Police are the Problem…

Atlanta ⬆️ 58%
Portland ⬆️ 533%
Philadelphia ⬆️ 37%

New York City ⬆️ 64%
Los Angeles ⬆️ 51%
Chicago ⬆️ 18%

In San Francisco, Prop 47 prevents police officers from arresting or even intervening with anyone shoplifting up to $950 of merchandise.
Now, thieves are looting stores in broad daylight.

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This might work for a while:
Maintain a rack near the door containing calculators for determining the $950 limit. When leaving the store, stop the shoplifter and determine whether he stole the calculator and forgot to include its cost in his total. If over the limit, he can be arrested.
Don't forget to add in sales tax, and subtract any coupons the crooks may have. Do loyalty points still accrue?

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Pretty much every store I have gone to in my area of Cali I noticed a big change in how they arranged the stores by using store shelving and merchandise to make everyone go around to exit the store, no doubt to make it harder for potential thieves to steal by blocking the exit. Many have put "hot items" under lock behind glass cabinets as Walmart has.
Honestly though I don't think the thieves care because they know the law is on their side if what they steal falls under prop 47.

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It's going to continue until as long as local govt allows it. Or brick and mortar stores no longer exist.
Oh, our so fake governor No-some gave a fake response to the mass organized "smash n grab" incidents that occurred last week in a news conference, he does love the media attention, by saying he will impose a measure to give extra funding for law enforcement to bring this activity to a stop and to prosecute the ones doing this. Really? All talk and "smoke n mirrors". The thieves are smart. Where are they doing their hit jobs? In liberal run cities with liberal elected DA's who happen to be funded by Soros. Of course they hit San Francisco with a DA, a Soros backed DA who never prosecutes criminal activities. Same in Los Angeles with a DA also backed by Soros. Ever since the Los Angeles DA took office the crime rate has risen 200% from statistics taken earlier this year. The liberals keep pushing to cut back on law enforcement while at the same time increasing their personal armed security. They allow for their so called quality of life laws protecting the criminals and disregarding victims rights and protections, but they protect their own property and selves.